Episode 34

Ep. 34 "The team IS the connections" (Guest: Peter Cauwelier)

Published on: 24th February, 2021

In this Milestone episode Sean and Mark talk teams with Peter Cauwelier, founder and Chief Team Connector of Team as One and author if The Untapped Team Advantage.  In their chat they cover some of Peter's foundations of sustained team performance. They get into connections as the core components of great teams and maintaining those connections through practise, how team building does not get the focus it deserves  and what makes up team psychological safety.

They also dip into Belbin as a tool to communicate better as a team and Action Learning, a facilitated tool for practising teamwork.

Peter mentions Amy Edmonson. Her paper on Team Psychological Safety can be found here. You can find out more about Action Learning form the World Institute for Action Learning (of which Peter is President) here.

Peter is on LinkedIn here, his organisation Team as One is here, and his book 'The Untapped Team Advantage' is available here

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