Episode 42

Ep. 42 "Making your best day better" (Guest: Dr. Chris Shambrook)

Published on: 24th September, 2021

Another massive episode this week that has Sean and Mark talking to Sports Psychologist Dr. Chris Shambrook of Planet K2. Chris has worked with Team GB's rowing team, as well as British cricket teams and the Cambridge Boat Race crew. It's an episode chock full of ideas and takeaways on how to get a team working at peak performance consistently.

In the episode they cover visualising successful performance not just successful outcomes, what acceptable failure and unacceptable success looks like. They also talk about shorting the gap between your best day and your worst, how positive attitude is only useful if it leads to positive actions and why party food (and Coco the Clown) have no place in the meeting room.

Dr. Chris references a few books in the episode:-

9 Lies About Work - Marcus Buckingham / Ashley Goodall

Good To Great - Jim Collins

As well as Tuckman's Model of Team Development

Sean also recommends Dr. Chris' appearance on Dan Abrahams' The Sports Psych Show

You can access the Performance Room resources here and find out more about Planet K2 here.

Connect with Chris on LinkedIn || The Performance Room || Planet K2 || Chris Shambrook


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